20 definitions by TMaC

the sexual move when a man fucks a woman in the ass, and somehow, against nature's will, forces the end of his dick out of the womans vagina so it can be rubed.
Jane screamed as i forced through to attempt a plumber fuck.
by tmac March 09, 2005
huge boobies used to describe the outer layer of the titie where the goose bumps are
duggal loves to play with his huge jaggamuffins
by tmac April 25, 2005
1/2 of the worlds newest rap duo
perfection holla
tmac is gota nice six pack rapping along d blue we spraying our goo on any one who dont gota clue
by tmac April 26, 2005
To get high from smoking marijuana.
The other day I got super narfed when we hot boxed Jake's shed.
by TMAC September 30, 2003
otherwise known as a dickhead dude at the club that thinks he's hot shit.
Damn, there's a lot of hard ankles in here and not enough women. Let's roll.
by Tmac March 22, 2005
A small nugget of weed that is smoked until it pops through the smoking device (typically a bong).
Last night everyone was very stoned because they were all smoking poppers
by TMaC March 21, 2004
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