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the most awfuling smelling cabage in the world do not eat unless extremely hungary. these plants spray you with their squirters be aware
duggal smells like skunk cabage
by tmac April 26, 2005
Commonly used to tell rappers that their rhymes are whack, but can also be used when telling someone to improve something.
"John im afraid you got a D....Step your rap game up son!"
by TMac February 14, 2005
Derived from the term tootie, tootie blasting is the act of whipping around with a group of girls and thrusting your tootie into one another in a playful manner.
Tiffany and Ashley are all about tootie blasting
by TMaC March 21, 2004
The event of having 4 final exams in only 3 day. A derivative of the Dirty Combo.
Mark is still studying because he is in the midst of his Super Dirty Combo.
by TMaC March 21, 2004
The act of becoming intoxicated and then proceeding to go out with your friends and flirt with many members of the opposite sex, dance, say stupid things, and in general have a wonderful time.
Tiffany is tired today because she was out all of last night whipping around.
by TMaC March 21, 2004
A Penis That is Fatter Than It is Long.
There is also a Walking Chode.
Jp Is One Big Chode.
by Tmac October 22, 2004
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