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A flat chested girl.
The phrase "pirates dream" referring to a sunken chest.
That chick's a pirates dream!
by TM January 22, 2005
A food that some Jewish people eat on Shabbat. This food takes a long time to cook, and is often made in a croc-pot. Its preperation begins the day before, because you are not supposed to work on the sabbath.
The Rosenburg family ate chulent for lunch on Saturday afternoon.
by TM October 09, 2004
A horrorble coporate monster, consuming everything in it's path. Nothing can avoid it's destruction....all will fall victim to the tyrant of sp....see greedy
Smart Parts sued the pope for wearing a hat simialar in shape to an impulse's body....when the sue fell, smart parts instead hired assasins to kill the pope...
by tm April 04, 2005
A pat of butter artfully molded into a silhouette of our third president.
Overheard at an ALEC conference: "Please pass the flibbish."
by TM September 15, 2004
to be attacked with a whip by an irate dwarf wearing leather.
Addict: flagellate me!
gimpgirl: GRRRRRR!!!
by TM May 13, 2004
kulanu is a thing that meets every wednesday night from 7 to 9pm, and it also meets of sundays, at temple sinai in stamford, ct. it is fun. BCDS, people are cool!!!
Are you going to kulanu tonight?
by TM December 16, 2004
Suggestion that the accused has little awareness of the situation.
"Nod...hammmer?" Made with appropriate waving motion of the wrist at head-height, suggestive of the movement of a nodhammer lightly tapped against the bonce. Note - a nodhammer is an emergency hammer used to break glass on Danish Trains. Not to be confused with the nothammer, on some other European trains.
by tm December 05, 2003
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