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Burning innocent virgins in wicker caskets in the shape of men. Ritual to a great fire god to which a small island played homage to.
Shall we burn our little wicker virgins and make them nice and crispy!?
by Molt3h June 29, 2004
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An incredibly anxious, manic or uptight person.
Nick was being a real Wicker Man when he forced those children to take their masks off.
by Fart Moniker February 03, 2011
The act of having sex with a woman in a bear costume and at the climax you punch her in the face while screaming a bear pun
I pulled a wicker man on her and knocked her out while screaming, "Papa bear thinks this bitch is too CONSCIOUS!"
by Nicholas Fucking Cage March 12, 2015
A man who has had beer before liquor, and had watched the Wicker Man film the night he drank.
Friend to the Wicker Man - Hey man, you know how it goes: Beer before liquor, you're the Wicker...................Man.
by Nicholas Caged June 29, 2011

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