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The homosexual version of GameFAQs, designed by gay gamers for gay gamers. Only videogames with a direct connection to the gay culture are listed, and the forums on the site only allow discussions on topics related to gay people.
Why go to GameFAQs for a review of Devil May Cry 3 when you can go to GameFAGs instead?
by TJ Griers March 18, 2008
A tiny piece of excrement that can get stuck in the hairs surrounding the anus while going to the bathroom, thus potentially becoming a "dingleberry."
Damn it! We're out of toilet paper, and I don't want the risk of a dingle becoming a dingleberry!
by TJ Griers March 18, 2008
To imagine a completely random situation in your head during a conversation that has absolutely nothing to do with what you're thinking about.
Damn, I did bad on that math test. I guess I spent too much time pulling a J.D. in class by thinking about monkeys when the professor was talking.
by TJ Griers March 18, 2008
An adjective used to describe a person who, despite doing a huge amount of work to help a woman out, manages to never get any action from her in the end.
I feel really bad for Stuart. Despite doing so much for Emily over the years, she thinks of him as nothing more than a linkish friend and won't give him any.
by TJ Griers March 18, 2008
The opposite of a love shack. A room, apartment, or house that, despite one's best efforts to decorate in an attempt to impress the opposite sex into carnal relations, merely results in somehow disgusted them and leaving you unfulfilled.
I haven't gotten any action since I moved into this place! I guess that makes my apartment an anti-love shack!
by TJ Griers March 18, 2008
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