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n. One who resists the erosion of basic literacy by pointing out egregious spelling and grammar errors, both online and in meatspace.
She's such a grammar whore, she corrected the English professor's misuse of apostrophes in the course syllabus.
by Coinneach Fitzpatrick March 16, 2005
n. One who will grant sexual favours in exchange for original examples of completely correct English usage.
She was such a grammar whore, she would only sleep with English teachers.
by Kijeren Sonus March 17, 2005
A grammar whore is someone who corrects you on your spelling and grammar,
sally: me and my friends went to the mall together.
harry: you mean my friends and i went to the mall together?
sally: gosh your such a grammar whore!
by sarsar8497 December 23, 2010
Someone who obsesively corrects the spelling and grammar of others, may or may not be paid to do so. See also 'Grammar Nazi'
My professor is such a grammar whore, she picked up every little mistake in my paper. And it's a biology class!
by The grammar whore December 06, 2003