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A term originating from rappers in Atlanta, meaning a very attractive woman; usually possessing large breasts and or a bodacious ass that grabs your eye instantly.

Often used by rapper T-Pain.

Shawty's to the left, shawty's to the goddamn right.

Id give last week's paycheck if that shawty would let me put somethin in her.
by THE WILSONATOR March 28, 2007
A slang term for marijuana used mainly in the South eastern United States along the gulf coast.
"Man im sick of smokin this fuckin dookie ass pine, lets get some kush."

"Dam that pine had me straight loaded last night."
by THE WILSONATOR January 31, 2007
A slang term used in the South for unpotent, normal, weed; or "schwag" if you may.
"Man that was some fuckin wood. I dont even think i got high."
by THE WILSONATOR January 31, 2007
A Term used for a long blunt of marijuana made by combining two cigars (cigarillos, blunt wraps, swishers) long ways at one end and rolling it up, so it is twice as long as a regular blunt.
In Rick Ross's song "Push it to the limit", the first line is Port of Miami. Push is to the limit is a term used to describe how one has to push his self to his or her own limit because it is not likely they will finish a port of miami to themselves.
by THE WILSONATOR January 15, 2007

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