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3 definitions by TFTC

Natural lights brilliant way to shove 4 beers into one 24 ounce can of awesomeness.
just bought a natty daddy at the corner store
by tftc February 09, 2012
It's quite simple, a fratty democrat. In A GDI dominated political mindset, the few, the proud, the fratty.
"That guy has an Obama sticker on his yacht? Must be a Fratocrat."

John. F. Kennedy, the original Fratocrat.
by Tftc September 20, 2013
Like a regular shotgun with a beer can, but after you make the hole in the can you then pour about 2 shots of any liqueur inside.
"Yo bro lets frat hard and do a loaded shotgun."
by TFTC November 13, 2011