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Best running back in the running back in the NFL; plays for the Minnesota Vikings.
Adrian Peterson sent the single game rushing record against the overrated San Diego Chargers.
by TCT February 26, 2008
The making of one's mind to feel numb, usually incurred by something either horribly boring or stupid. In the same way that your hand may go numb should you lay on your arm too long, and cut off blood circulation, the mind goes numb if you cut off relevant information for an extended period of time
I was listening to Fox News' mind numbing propaganda and nearly lost my mind today.
by TCT January 12, 2008
A word used to describe the feeling you get when someone says something so absolutley wrong that you don't even know where to begin to correct them.
Sally: "I'm so glad America bombed Pearl Harbor in World War I so we could all be free!"

Mike: "Sally, that statement just chargins me to the depth of my soul."
by TCT November 05, 2007

I nickname given to Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings, because he'll run all over your team all day.
Did you see AD set the single game rushing record against the Chargers?
by TCT February 26, 2008
On Myspace, when a person posts an excessive amount of bulletins, often full of surveys and other meaningless information that no one but the poster cares about, they are said to be bulletin happy. This is a less offensive term for a myspace bulletin whore.
Laura posted like 15 survey bulletins today! That girl has way to much time on her hands. She's bulletin happy.
by TCT January 30, 2008
Ghouli is short for Ghouliani.
I'm probably going to move to Syria if Ghouli becomes president.
by TCT December 23, 2007
One of the owners, participators, enablers, or supporters of the Federal Reserve who appear to merely be rich bankers unconstitutionally controlling our money supply, but are actually gangsters who've fooled the American people into believing that an unconstitutional income tax is necessary for the survival of the nation, while in truth the entire sum of the money collected goes directly into their pockets.
Ben Bernanke is an evil gangster banker.
by TCT March 28, 2008

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