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someone who enjoys giving oral sex to males, and especially enjoys playing with the semen (ejaculation) before swallowing
That fuckin' cum swaggler sucked my dick raw, yo. She's a cum swagglin' bitch!
by TBG3 November 03, 2008
the apex of the bend in the bent or curved penis; applies only to the bent or curved penis
My girlfriend totally loves my delbow! She told me it was "curved for her pleasure".
by tbg3 February 03, 2012
to choose to spend time with someone of the opposite sex over your gaming system, usually happens just before sex

Alternately - "Cock over xbox"
Tim to gaming party: Sorry guys I gotta go, my girfriend just got here.

Gaming party: AWWWWWWWW! You suck!

Tim: Pussy over platstation guys, pussy over playstation!
by TBG3 December 21, 2012
a distraction, specifically refering to the opposite sex distracting one from performing any task effectively
Tim: Sorry I got us all killed guys, my milkshake just walked in the door.

Rest of party: Awwwwwwww man, your always ditching us for your girlfriend!

Tim: Pussy over playstation guys, pussy over playstation.
by tbg3 February 03, 2012
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