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An act of greeting strangers and friends by touching elbows with passer-bys and neighbors.

Specifically at Delfest as props to Del McCoury.
by Delbow May 20, 2015
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the apex of the bend in the bent or curved penis; applies only to the bent or curved penis
My girlfriend totally loves my delbow! She told me it was "curved for her pleasure".
by tbg3 February 03, 2012
When a one's upper arm tissue dunlaps the elbows. Commonly found on someone who also has kankles
Did you see that delbows on that chick?!
by Lori Dotson November 07, 2007
The pain in your elbow you get from throwing darts for a long period of time. "Dart Elbow"
You better ease up on throwing those darts or your going to get "Delbow" man!
by tiff tayla September 14, 2007

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