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Burn Tha Road Up
Leave in a hurry
Demand someone to leave a spot
I'm gotta leave. I'm gonna to burn the road up!
by T Mac June 16, 2005
move a little faster
I thought I asked you to do that awhile ago, now you need to m.a.l.f. this time.
by T Mac September 08, 2010
alcoholic; person that likes to get drunk
Do you know him? Yeah I know him, he likes to get blasted. He's a lushamatic.
by T Mac October 28, 2010
Move A Little Faster
Hey man, I dun told you what to do! You need to M.A.L.F. this time.
by T Mac February 28, 2008
1. Coolest kid around
2. Something that is sweet
Damn, son, that shit is straight up tmizzy
by T Mac September 20, 2003
Erikas favorite thing to do when alone
When solitary, Erika thinks about tim and starts stroking the chicken
by T Mac July 12, 2003
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