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Mental arithmetic!

For lightning speed, highly addictive Cerebral Reckoning time blasts, check out:

Using your cerebrum, work out 43298743 * 23467876 in three seconds!
by T April 13, 2004
The snoop dog distress signal.
ATTENTION!! frodizzlemanizzlefizzlemadissledrissle ya'll!
by T September 22, 2003
when a guy blows his load before a chick even touches him.
by T February 18, 2003
Webflipping: The practice of going through your bookmarks of weblogs, online comics, news sites, discussion groups, or other intermittently updated sites, not finding anything new or particularly interesting, then starting over at the top because, hey, maybe something updated while you were going through the other ones. Analagous to "channel flipping. (created by Lore Sjoberg)
I had nothing to do yesterday, so I spent 4 hours webflipping between Fark, The Onion, and Penny Arcade.
by T January 19, 2005
Spanking yourself. Whacking off. Male masturbation.
When I was a teenager, I spent a lot of time bopping my bologna.
by T May 25, 2004
n. The ass, butt, caboose, skin pillows, the area that launches a Hershey River.
I thouroughly enjoyed the 69, except for the proximity of das dumper.
by T March 31, 2003
Short for 'Can I Be In Beta', often in reference to the constant 'pick me pick me, I'm *qualified*' type questions that spring up on forums and message boards during invite only betas.
person1: yea dev1, I had a really cool desert called blahblah when I went out to dinner tonight. Did you see that sports game on tv too? I watched it from the bar.
person2: I think I am quite qualified to be in the beta...
person3: I want the beta so bad
dev1: yea did you see the part where so and so scored that goal?
Person2: I have helped run a Game server, have a good vid card, good at bug hunting, etc.
person4 hands out CIBIB pins to everyone disrupting things and chasing dev1 off.
by t January 06, 2006

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