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The loser of drinking games or the bottom rung person in any activity that involves hazing -- usually involves being forced to drink large quantities of alcohol in a short period of time.
I constantly lose hands of King's Cup -- thus I am usually the beer bitch.
by Syntel October 03, 2002
To vomit explosively, particularly after drinking too much beer and/or hard alcohol.
Dan booted all over himself last night after having ten straight shots of Ol' Southern Comfort.
by Syntel October 02, 2002
Obviously drunk, usually indicated by the intense smell of alcohol either on the individual's breath or skin.
Mike was real ripe last night when he passed out on the lawn.
by Syntel October 03, 2002
Anyone, male of female, who is predisposed to arbitrary violence.
Andrew's gang is a bunch of thrashers. They busted my car last night.
by Syntel October 12, 2002

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