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Word used by immigrants who mistakenly mean to say bullshit. Typically Indian or South Asian immigrants.
Hey Sanjay, what you told me about the curry being on sale was total ballshit.
by synergie March 08, 2007
Slang term for black man. Negro. Used by Kanye West in the edited version of the song "Gold Digger".

"I am not saying she is a gold digger. But she is not messing with no broke-tabroke."
by synergie July 27, 2006
someone who isn't very good at scrabble. A very bad scrabble player, who often tries to change the rules half way through the game.
Gurteg is a pretty bad scrabble player.
by synergie February 16, 2009
A comical way of saying fuck off, usually non threatening and does not offend foreigners.
Clinton: Hey Obama, you're such a dumbass.
Obama: Fucksoff
Clinton: LOL
by synergie August 09, 2010
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