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3 definitions by Synergie

Slang term for black man. Negro. Used by Kanye West in the edited version of the song "Gold Digger".

"I am not saying she is a gold digger. But she is not messing with no broke-tabroke."
by Synergie July 27, 2006
10 4
someone who isn't very good at scrabble. A very bad scrabble player, who often tries to change the rules half way through the game.
Gurteg is a pretty bad scrabble player.
by synergie February 16, 2009
5 2
A comical way of saying fuck off, usually non threatening and does not offend foreigners.
Clinton: Hey Obama, you're such a dumbass.
Obama: Fucksoff
Clinton: LOL
by synergie August 09, 2010
1 1