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A melody for Carnatic and Hindustani music can also mean beauty, color and passion. Also is a girl who is beautiful smart and humorous.
That is such a beautiful Raga

She is such a Raga
by Anonlover1111 April 11, 2015
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a kind of template for hinudstani music melodies
krishna's raga is transcending
by dcd July 22, 2006
a short Italian form for "ragazzo" (guy).
Raga andiamo al cinema.(Italian) - Guys let's go to the movies.(English)
by Flavio October 27, 2006
The word Raga Derives from latin meaning Dirty it is commonly used in conjustion with other words to create insults.
Ragamuffin,Ragasaurus and Ragaface.
"She is such a Raga!"
by BillyBongo December 05, 2007
One who seems to live on the edge

Also can be a short form for Roger

Also the tiger off of Alladin
That guy is such a raga, did you see that stunt.
by cool kid March 08, 2005
-initially derived as a short form Of Roger
-Also the tiger off of Alladin
-BUT mostly is a guy that loves to get "jiggy" with it. can be black or white. OR a little of both. Knows what to do and when to do it.
-Hey Raga hows it goin?
-(jasmine) Hows my Raga doin today?
- Look at the guy, wow, he such a Raga
by no one March 10, 2005

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