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Rank and organization: Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army, 1st Battalion, 105th Infantry, 27th Infantry Division. Place and date: At Saipan, Marianas Islands, 20 June through 7 July 1944. Entered service at: Troy, N.Y. Birth: Troy, N.Y. G.O. No.: 35, 9 May 1945. Citation: For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty at Saipan, Marianas Islands, from 20 June through 7 July 1944. When assault elements of his platoon were held up by intense enemy fire, Lt. Col. O'Brien ordered 3 tanks to precede the assault companies in an attempt to knock out the strongpoint. Due to direct enemy fire the tanks' turrets were closed, causing the tanks to lose direction and to fire into our own troops. Lt. Col. O'Brien, with complete disregard for his own safety, dashed into full view of the enemy and ran to the leader's tank, and pounded on the tank with his pistol butt to attract 2 of the tank's crew and, mounting the tank fully exposed to enemy fire, Lt. Col. O'Brien personally directed the assault until the enemy strongpoint had been liquidated. On 28 June 1944, while his platoon was attempting to take a bitterly defended high ridge in the vicinity of Donnay, Lt. Col. O'Brien arranged to capture the ridge by a double envelopment movement of 2 large combat battalions. He personally took control of the maneuver. Lt. Col. O'Brien crossed 1,200 yards of sniper-infested underbrush alone to arrive at a point where 1 of his platoons was being held up by the enemy. Leaving some men to contain the enemy he personally led 4 men into a narrow ravine behind, and killed or drove off all the Japanese manning that strongpoint. In this action he captured S machineguns and one 77-mm. fieldpiece. Lt. Col. O'Brien then organized the 2 platoons for night defense and against repeated counterattacks directed them. Meanwhile he managed to hold ground. On 7 July 1944 his battalion and another battalion were attacked by an overwhelming enemy force estimated at between 3,000 and 5,000 Japanese. With bloody hand-to-hand fighting in progress everywhere, their forward positions were finally overrun by the sheer weight of the enemy numbers. With many casualties and ammunition running low, Lt. Col. O'Brien refused to leave the front lines. Striding up and down the lines, he fired at the enemy with a pistol in each hand and his presence there bolstered the spirits of the men, encouraged them in their fight and sustained them in their heroic stand. Even after he was seriously wounded, Lt. Col. O'Brien refused to be evacuated and after his pistol ammunition was exhausted, he manned a .50 caliber machinegun, mounted on a jeep, and continued firing. When last seen alive he was standing upright firing into the Jap hordes that were then enveloping him. Some time later his body was found surrounded by enemy he had killed His valor was consistent with the highest traditions of the service.

This man won the Medal of Honor for his actions. Lt.Col.O'Brien is badass. Calling a "gangsta" a badass is just a joke.
by Swedish Bob October 05, 2006
One of the greatest rock songs of all time. The best known version of the song was done by the Animals in 1965. "Rising Sun" is an old british term for whore house. Whether or not that is the songs intended meaning is unknown.
Remember that scene in Casino where all the guys are getting killed and they play House of the Rising Sun. That was awesome.
by Swedish Bob October 17, 2006
The highly distinctive helmet used by Germany during WWII. Worn by both Wehrmacht and SS units throughout the war. Even today, the site of one of these pieces of pressed steel can cause piss to run down the legs of Pollacks and Frenchmen everywhere.
I wore my german helmet whilst stealing potatoes from the Irish.
by Swedish Bob November 09, 2006
highly sensative and/or controversal information that if women hear their heads will explode
guy#1:Did you know Brett Favre is a blatant homosexual
guy#2:Yes, i have heard as much
unwanted female: What are you talking about?
guy#1: Dammit woman!!
guy#2: What did i tell you about trying to listen to man talk.
by Swedish Bob October 19, 2006
A girl that needs quarters to do laundry. She is willing to steal expensive objects from people(usually gold) in order to sell them to get more quarters. The best way to stop a quarter whore is to yell out "Dammit woman, give me back my quarters".
Maureen: Ha Ha, I stole your money.
Unsespecting guy: Dammit woman, give me back my change.
Maureen:Okay, here are your quarters.
Unsespecting guy: You are such a quarter whore
by Swedish Bob September 28, 2006
A lumberjack of epic power and unequaled greatness. A decendent of mighty pirates kings of old. A follower of Odin and Thor, the Norse gods of war,thunder,and kickassness. Able to chop down entire forests and process them into paper towels in a single day. He wears plaid all the time except for the occasonal Hawaiin shirt when he is feeling festive. He frequently consorts with Valkeries,housewives,and the occansional quarter whore.
Highly attractive housewife: I just wish i had some paper towels.
Brawny Man: Here are some towels mam.
Highly attractive housewife: That plaid makes me dizzy, oh i feel faint..
Brawny Man: Sorry, you aren't my type...maybe if you were naked and painted blue. You don't except quarters do you?
by Swedish Bob December 07, 2006
a terrible type of infection. can lead to death if not treated immediatly. comes in two forms. lindsey and kim
Man, stay away form that fat bitch. She might give you a staff infection.
by Swedish Bob September 25, 2006
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