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A Black-American who believes he/she is entitled to anything he or she desires up to and including: Reparations for slavery, free meals at restaurants, free drinks, "hooked up" drinks, respect (without giving/earning it), WIC, food stamps, etc. They are "never" wrong, and will argue for hours with management or any non-black that disagrees with them, the females sometimes getting aggressive.
When there's nothing wrong with the meal or service, an entitlement junkie will still complain until some or all of their bill is free.
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by SweatyBalls December 16, 2010
1. drink of choice for the darker, more undesirable restaurant guests.

2. a germ infested combination of tap water and a lemon wedge that has normally been sitting sliced at room temperature or warmer and has been touched by no less than three servers and/or bartenders and the opening server who hasn't showered from his/her night of drunken and drug filled fun.
Server: "What can I get you to drink to start with?"
Nigger: "Brang uh waddah wid some exra lemon."
Server: "I'll have to charge for the extra lemon, we offer lemonade here, just not ghettoade."
#ghetto lemonade #water with lemon #ghetoade #ghettoaid #waddah
by SweatyBalls December 16, 2010
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