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To exclaim no, or make it stronger.
p1. can i have 100 dollars
p2. Oh hell no
p1. why not
p2. hell no
p1. because why
p2. i said no i already gave you money
by Sw33tNyCandie August 09, 2010
slang term for mother fucker
that mo-fo stole my money
by Sw33tNYCandie July 25, 2009
Another way of saying thank you with out saying the two words
P1. Hey mom can I have your cake?
P2. Yea sure.
P1. Thankies XD.
by Sw33tNYCandie July 21, 2011
short for more money
mo-money! mo money! mo money! damn about 2 make that paper (money)
by Sw33tNYCandie July 25, 2009
slang term for " hell no" meaning No with an exclamation point to really infanticide NO and the fact one doesn't like somthing.

similar to oh hell no, and hell no
P1. you must be smokin crack
P2. Aww hell naw...did he jus call me a crack head?
by Sw33tNyCandie March 15, 2010
literal: element in nature that burns, is really hot and clear out places with lots of smoke

slang: term used to describe something that was really good or exciting
that fire burned my damn hand.

Aaron: yo that movie was real good.
Sandy: yeah. that shit was fire.
by Sw33tNYCandie July 26, 2009
female vagina
bob: i want sum pussie tonight
sarah: you not gettin no pussie tonight to tired....
by Sw33tNYCandie July 26, 2009

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