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My favorite phrase meaning "Shut up"
"Stick a dick in it, mofo."
by Suzi January 07, 2004
(n) An act carried out by a male by tucking his penis and testicles between his legs giving the appearance of a woman then quickly opening his legs, letting them swing back into position in a shocking display of manliness.
Oh god, not the transformer!
by Suzi January 06, 2004
joking, messing around, it was a joke
you smell, messin like
by suzi February 22, 2004
a shetter is someone stupid or annoying
shut up you little shetter
by suzi February 22, 2004
A subtle term for masturbation, used when you don't want to outright say that you are going to go masturbate.
"Be right back, I'm going to do a little of the big M."
by Suzi January 07, 2004
A commonly sucked sex organ of the male persuasion. Mostly used in rap music and casual conversation.
Suck a drippa!
Drippa suckin' like it's going out of style.
by Suzi January 06, 2004
riannah is a kinky sex godess and loves to have fun...
just ask jess and hopper
by suzi February 24, 2005

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