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A pork shoulder is more commonly known as a large seasoned roast typical of Hispanic cultures. However, internet subcultures have recently begun to use the phrase to describe a technique of sexual nature. Typically involving a man, his wife/girlfriend, and possibly her sister. The nature of the move is a mystery, but the humor involved and the dumb looks you will get are well worth it.
"So on the PD.com forums yesterday, I heard that LMNO gave his wife the pork shoulder!"

by Suu Kao August 30, 2007
One of the primary weapons used while orbitally bombing. Developed and used solely by HIMEOBS.
"A radar screen picked up a blip being deployed from orbital platform 23.2. Later developments confirmed that it was, in fact one of the legendary rods from god."
by Suu Kao April 27, 2007
End - of - thread (or topic). An acronym used on message boards.
"Once that noob started posting Caturday macros, I pretty much new that it was E/O/T."
by Suu Kao June 13, 2007

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