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Main ingredient of shampoo. Fancy term for water, because shampoo's are too cool to use the word water.
Nu-uh! It's not water.. it's *aqua*
by Supersonic^ January 26, 2005
Bandwagon whore who lacks opinions of any kind about anything.
Ger your own opinions, N1k23!
by Supersonic^ December 24, 2004
Something that doesn't fit into any other category.
Sexual orientation (delete where appropriate):
Heterosexual / Miscellaneous
by Supersonic^ December 29, 2004
I Agree With. Used to show agreement with a statement.
<Meh> I'd hit it.
<Bleh> IAW Meh.
by Supersonic^ March 19, 2005
Football (Soccer) term, referring to the crowd's power being so great to the point that they're almost a 12th player.
Delia Smith (quite embarrassingly) said: "This is a message for possibly the best supporters in the world. We need a twelth man. Where are you? Where are you?"
by Supersonic^ May 04, 2005

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