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I Agree With. Used to show agreement with a statement.
<Meh> I'd hit it.
<Bleh> IAW Meh.
by Supersonic^ March 19, 2005
In Another Window.Used on internet conversations to refer to someone or something happening IAW.
<A> Can't talk to you now, my bf is IAW and we're having a fight
<B> Ok, good luck then
by CTN July 16, 2005
'In Accordance With' - military origin. Essentially meaning that something was done based on a request or a directive from a superior in the chain on command
"This case was transferred to you IAW the supervisor's instruction"
by CitizenBob January 07, 2010
an Instantly Attainable Weapon

You never know when you'll need one.
That broken table leg could be used as an awesome IAW
by JFSXD June 11, 2010
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