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The emotional process through which a pimp goes when one of the women in his stable dies.
Superstar Slim is going through a wicked hogrieve ever since Massive Mary bit it.
by Superguy November 06, 2003
a reject pokemon. A person who has no life al they do is watch pokemon and other stuff like that. Known as Ryan aka the fat crusty like person
My friend is such a fertilquind.
I shoved a fertilquind up my ass.
by Superguy March 28, 2003
Man/woman with a fetish for inter species sex.
You are a dog fucking shwamuff.
by Superguy July 12, 2003
Bad, not cool, lame, weak.
That haircut is gate man...
by Superguy November 06, 2003
Cool, Phat, Good.
That new album is totally fence.
by Superguy November 06, 2003

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