A pair, or singe testicle(s) hanging from somewhere in a womens vagina.
Ms.Coles had vagesticles implanted last week.
by Colin W. June 21, 2007
A vagina with a testicle
I just found out Suzie has a fucking vagesticle when i tried to hit that i thought i had three nuts...
by Durndell October 21, 2007
n. the combination of testicles and a vagina, possessed usually by a hemaphrodite, the international symbol for which is a V formed by the index and middle finger of the left hand, devided by the index finger of the right hand.
that shemale has huge vagesticles
by SuperCameron March 28, 2003
va -jest-icles
a vagina wit sugically attached testicles below it
most people think lady gaga has vagesticles
by Muffin761 January 29, 2010
A name for someone who has undergone a sex change
Look at her! She looks like a vagesticles
by WAFFLE MGEE March 26, 2010
When people named Eric have gentials of the male variety in genitals of the female variety.

Also can be reffered to as slang for cunt ass mother fucker
My vagesticles has really been actiing up today, i think it might be due to the excess Eric i've been seeing today.
A mix between a vagina and a penis. A vagina with testicles.
Jati!! I want to rub your vagesticles. They're so big and hairy, and they smell like vinegar!
by Mark Anthony October 19, 2006

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