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Dropping a phone or tech gadget only to pick it up and find out it just ain't the same. It's broke. cracked screen damaged phone bricked
I'm so pissed at her cause she bumped into me and made me do a fatal fumble.

I'm only using this phone cause I had a fatal fumble with my other one.
by Summerbees April 30, 2011
The daily need to check posts and responses to posts and responses on social media in order to feel good about oneself.
Some people love social media to stayed connected, but you can tell when someone's life is so lacking life that they're just on for empty validation.
by Summerbees October 27, 2011
A guy who can buss a nut through any means except vaginally even when wearing a condom cuz he's so freaked out about getting her pregnant.
Stacy thinks I got crazy stamina but it's just my clampt chowder.

It used to be a good problem but now Cherelle is starting to wonder about my clampt chowder.
by Summerbees November 02, 2011
People who just get the latest I-Phone without even considering any other phone on the market. They might like another brand more had they looked into it, but they don't care. They only need the I-Phone. Includes app developers who only design programs for I-Phones and completely ignore the entire Android OS as if it were a third world market.
Greg would love all the options on the HTC but he's an I-phoney.

I was trying to explain a widget to this I-phoney but they were looking at me like I was the crazy one!
by Summerbees November 15, 2011
As in instigator. Instigating posts made intentionally to piss you off. Not to be confused with trolls and their damn trolling, gator posts are done by someone PRETENDING to be against something. A gator touches a keyboard to push buttons for control of your mind or a thread.
Those "Justin Beiber is gay!" gator posts are from his biggest secret admirers!
by Summerbees January 24, 2012
The part of a relationship when a guy is trying to keep a balance between a girl being a booty call and her becoming his girlfriend.
My booty balance is all outta wack cuz she thinks I just want her for sex.

My booty balance is all outta wack cuz she thinks she's my girl.
by Summerbees December 12, 2011
Opposite of a sausage party. A party or place with a lotta girls, but they got a look that makes you question their health.
Yeah, Timmie says there's a lotta girls there, but I know it's just a hoshow.
by Summerbees March 04, 2012

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