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A variation on the word Cuddle used by Janet in Two Pints Of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps
^ mentioned all in the above
by Summer January 02, 2005
Someone has the love of the show, The O.C. Yeh they may be a little obsessive but it's just a show and it really doesn't matter if you have a love of it or not.
I know many older people who watch the show too, so it isn't just for kids, and certainly not just for girls!
Also it has a lot of important issues brought up too!
^ that's all i have to say right now
by Summer January 01, 2005
Something that is sexier than just sexy. It's so sexy, it needs two x's to be defined. :P
1. He is pure sexxiness
2. Omg, that skirt is sexxiness
by Summer April 19, 2005
feet (nogga-foot)
I heard the shoom of his noggas coming down the hall
by Summer November 21, 2003
the epitome of sassiness. The king/queen of the sass game.
Don't you ever sass me, because you KNOW i'm sasspirella!
by summer November 24, 2004
CTM, or "Chuckling To Myself" is the new LOL. Typically, one is not laughing "OL" (out loud) when it's typed, so it's been revised for situations with more subtle humor...or less funny jokes.
SD: That crazy landlord came upstairs again! I think he has a drinking problem.


by Summer January 04, 2006
Wears clothes like khakis or dark jeans and clothes from A-F and AE. Also wears Wranglers sometimes. Justin Boots are sometimes worn as well. Alcohol is often used for recreational purposes.
Female Prepneck
by Summer June 15, 2004
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