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CTM, or "Chuckling To Myself" is the new LOL. Typically, one is not laughing "OL" (out loud) when it's typed, so it's been revised for situations with more subtle humor...or less funny jokes.
SD: That crazy landlord came upstairs again! I think he has a drinking problem.


by Summer January 04, 2006
A sarcastic and self-involved person; mean-spirited and insecure, competative but with limited intellectual capacity.
I know this girl who is a real peebomb.
by Summer January 27, 2004
haven't made out yet
virgin: not had sex
verbin: not made out
get it?
by Summer December 09, 2003
The "new" FYI. FYI is old school. JSYK (Just So You Know) is a more casual, friendly means of giving your friends and colleagues semi-useful information.
JSYK, it wasn't Roy, it was Isaac.


JSYK, I checked on that thing about Phil Collins and the drowning, and it's totally an Urban Legend.
by Summer January 04, 2006
FUBU "For US by Us"
FUBU whether it refers to Us being the African Americans, Us as the entrepreneurs,or US as the young and successful people we are. A clothing line for all walks of life that can walk and talk the Hip Hop culture.
by Summer March 31, 2004
A combination of acronyms: BTW, FYI and BFD. For when you tell someone something that they don't really care about.

By the Way
For Your Information
Big Fucking Deal
BFY, I stubbed my toe on the way out here.
by Summer July 21, 2006
slang word for winter, also has alot of SLICKNESS to it
yo winna get ova here
by summer March 09, 2005

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