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If you have no game, then don't waste the time of the people who do.
Dude, you just airballed. Rule 334 says get off the court.

Homie, she's out of your league. Rule 334 says its someone elses turn to try.
#no game #rule 10 #square #loser #retard
by Sugadaddy1086 March 30, 2010
The ION4+ advanced electro-carbohydrate solution system that has been enhanced with vitamins B3, B6, B12, Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, and Magnesium, mixed berry and other natural flavors and is used to replenish internal fluids lost through perspiration. Designed as a sports drink by the Coca-cola company to be more effective than water but less destructive than contemporary energy drinks at providing energy to working muscles and taste incredibly satisfying at the same time. Available in 20 or 32 oz. polyethylene containers or in a dehydrated concentrated powder.
Mountain Berry Blast.... A.K.A. Blue Powerade.
#lemonade #limeade #kool-aid #gatorade #tigerade
by Sugadaddy1086 April 15, 2010
1. An extremely sarcastic and usually perverted joke

2. A person who's usually always second place on the golf course
Example of a petree: 1. that's what she said....

2. Wow petree just missed a two foot birdie putt.
#b #r #i #a #n
by Sugadaddy1086 April 20, 2010
When the word FREE is inserted by mistake in commercials and by salemen. The price of a product is elevated to cover the cost of "FREE" add-ons.
Incorrect: But wait!! When you order this product now, you get this other product absolutely FREE !!!

Correct: But wait!! When you order this product now, you get this other product absolutely INCLUDED !!!
#free #tinstaafl #false advertising #rip off #screwed over
by Sugadaddy1086 April 16, 2010
Your extremely hot and sexy boyfriend who would do anything for you and loves you so much that if he had that money to marry you right now, he would already be on one knee.
I love you to :) You my sugadaddy
#sugamomma #babyhoney #sugalips #sexylegs #shawty
by Sugadaddy1086 April 08, 2010
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