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1 definition by Suga_Huynh

A man that is handy.

He’s the type of guy that will come by a girl’s apartment and fix her squeaky door. And in return he’ll ask for a kiss on the cheek. He’ll take her to Olmsted Linear Park where they’ll pass by the building where he used to sing in the Atlanta Boy Choir. He will try to seduce her with gifts of sweets and snacks. They’ll walk around the park, breathe in the grass scented air, hit each other when a red car passes by, and fool around on the playground. Once darkness blankets the whole park, they’ll lie on the playground’s tilted circle thing, looking at the stars. It’ll be 2o’clock, but they’ll want to stay forever (but can’t because of Synthesis Lab the next day). She’ll giggle and ask him to promise her something.
Girl: Hey, you have to promise me something.
Boy: Hmm? What is it?
Girl: *giggle* Promise me you’ll be my Handyman.
Boy: I don’t know if I can promise that. I can try…?
Girl: No. You have to promise me you’ll be my Handyman.
Boy: Okay.
Girl: Say it!
Boy: I promise to be your Handyman.
*Girl kisses him on the cheek*
by Suga_Huynh June 29, 2011