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Often referred to as the chocolate starfish or rusty sherrifs badge. this entrance should be appraoched with caution!
"Spread my shitpipe and fuck my arse till i bleed"

"that bitch got rimmed on the shitpipe"
by Stylee September 26, 2003

(latin)A homosexual male
(greek a fetish)To polish a toitoise with your pecker
by Stylee September 26, 2003

A complete anus turtle
I didnt even have to wipe my arse after the winnick was deployed!
by Stylee September 26, 2003
A man who likes violent anal sex with another man (usualy ending up in tears and a bloody shitpipe)
Some cunt of a gheyphag tried to fuck my botty

Noel Huxley is a high preist ghayphag who enjoys the art of Felching
by Stylee September 26, 2003
Scrotum, and form of punishment/insult
"Your in for a good ol bollocking"
"You fucking hairy scrotum"
<russian with 3 testicals> "ooja-nicka bollockoff"
by Stylee September 26, 2003
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