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1) <noun> A name for any thick, sticky substance that has no particular identity.

2) <verb> Slang; To gunge; To ejaculate.
1) "I've got gunge all over my boot from walking in that marsh."

2) "I gunged on your face."
by Stuart Fletcher February 17, 2005
<noun> British offensive slang term used as a variant of "Dick head" to describe an obnoxious person or someone who has acted in a peculiar and/or ludicrous manner.
"You fucking knob-head! Why did you do that?!"
by Stuart Fletcher November 01, 2004
<colloquial expression>

If the "penny has dropped" it means someone has finally realised the situation they are in after possibly being unaware of it for a long time, depending on the situation.

==> The phrase dates back to the Victorian Era and the popular penny-slot arcades. The penny would often stick halfway down the slot and the user would then have to either wait, or give the machine a thump before the 'penny finally dropped' and they could begin playing.
THOMAS: "You know... The other day with the beavers?"
COLIN: "........."
THOMAS: "We used their dam as a bridge?"
COLIN: "........."
THOMAS: "Ruined their homes?"
COLIN: "OHHHHHHHH, now I get you."
GARY: "Ah, the penny has finally dropped. Stupid fool."
by Stuart Fletcher January 22, 2005
1. <interjection> An expression of surprise or disbelief
2. <adverb> Skilful/skilfully
3. <adverb> Intimately
4. <adverb> informal; extremely
5. <noun> A bored hole into the ground to tap a supply of water, gas or oil
6. <noun> slang; The toilet
1. Well! I never expected John to be THAT good in bed!
2. Well done, Pete
3. I know your mother VERY well...
4. OMG Dat's well good dat! OMGOMG1
5. James, go and fetch a pail of water from the well, there's a good boy.
6. Hold on a second I've gotta use the well...
by Stuart Fletcher July 26, 2005
<noun> British slang

1) The area between two opposing forces' trenches during WW1. Characterised by a quagmire of saturated soil, crater holes, barbed wire, unexploded shells, quicksoil and rotting bodies. The last place on Earth you'd want to be in the period between 1914-1918, or for some time afterwards I'd imagine...

2) The area between your ballsack and your arsehole.
"Sgt. Harris was caught out in No-Mans-Land yesterday during a patrol. He's been pronounced Missing in Action... But I think we all know what really happened to him..."

"I love scratchin' mi' No Man's Land, *guffaw guffaw.*"
by Stuart Fletcher November 03, 2004

The correct spellings and grammar of English words may only be found in an English dictionary, from England.

If you were to consult an American version of the English dictionary, you would find many perversions of our language within.
Why do the Americans insist that their spellings are correct just because their country is bigger than England? We spoke it first, we spelt it first, we wrote the first dictionary, the language is called English, when did 'Americanism' first enter our language? Who was the first fool to miss off the U in 'colour,' the S in 'maths,' the I in 'Aluminium' and the UE in 'analogue?'

It's so unfortunate...
by Stuart Fletcher February 22, 2005
<noun> slang;

A baked good, such as a cake or a brownie etc laced with hemp or another drug in order to get high whilst enjoying a tasty snack.
HOMER: "Have you got any Space Cakes?"
ARISTOTLE: "Yeah, but Archemedes ate them all. He is so gone."
by Stuart Fletcher February 26, 2005

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