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<noun> Colloquial;

Precipitation containing rain and snow.

--> Which means the ground will get wet and the snow won't stick. So it's just crap basically. You probably don't get it in America.
WEATHERMAN: "It's gonna sleet so take some snow boots and an umbrella with you to work."
by Stuart Fletcher May 10, 2005
<noun> poetic;

The island otherwise known as Britain.
"... and take me away, back to Albion forevermore..."
by Stuart Fletcher January 18, 2005
The way that some people, mostly on the internet type 'enough' to either save typing an extra letter, seem like a cool person or because they actually think that 'enuff' is the correct spelling.

==> Probably originated in Haydock, England.
Andy: "Hi"
Fletch: "Hey"
Andy: "ho r u"
Fletch: "Not so bad, how are you?"
Andy: "nt gttin enuff sleep lol"
Fletch: "That's too bad."
Andy: "I no lol mite stay ov college 2mrw"
Fletch: "AGAIN?"

(... etc you get the idea.)
by Stuart Fletcher January 12, 2005
"Saved by the Bell"

1) A situation where someone is in a situation which they dislike, and then something external to that situation happens which, subsequently, gets the person in that situation out of it. Usually just in time.

2) Cheesy 80's sitcom based in an All-American High School setting.
BOSS: "Miranda, after you've filed those reports I gave you, I want you to come into my office and lick my scrotum."
MIRANDA: "But Sir, I'm on overtime alrea--"
<enter; boss's boss>
BOSS'S BOSS: "BOSS, I'd like to see you in my office, please."
<exit; boss and boss's boss>
MIRANDA: "Phew, 'saved by the bell' I guess."

GEEK: "Hey Jeremy, wanna come to my house after school n watch 'Saved by the Bell'?"
JEREMY: "Fuck you, geek. My dick has an appointment with my girlfriend's throat. Seeya!"
by Stuart Fletcher November 06, 2004
A car comprised of two halves from other cars welded in the centre and repainted to sell to others. Usually structurally unsound after the process and dangerous to use.
"My mate Tommy does cut n shuts. Last week he welded a Ford Focus and a Rover 400 together. He made a few bob selling it to some old lady."
by Stuart Fletcher January 13, 2005
<noun> Chiefly British Slang

1) To be one of a mentally diminished nature. See: retard

==> Term is a derivative of 'special' as some mentally challenged people are put in special areas of school and/or are known as "special people."

The term is used in a lighthearted sense to people who are not clinically disabled. Merely people who are known for doing absurd or stupid things.
FLETCH: "That fucking Fisheye... He's such an idiot!"
SCOTT: "Yeah he's such a fucking spesh."
FISHEYE: "Huh huh, I'm making a brew, shag yer bird, shag yer bird! Huh huh!"
by Stuart Fletcher April 02, 2005
<Noun> Computer gaming slang.

A person who, during an internet computer game, kills or damages their team mates intentionally in order to either help the other team (to which they may also be referred to as 'spies') or just to be a cock sucker and/or n00b.
May be abbreviated to TK'er.
CHIEF: "Master K is such a fucking TK'er."
by Stuart Fletcher November 02, 2004

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