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One who constantly does speedtests on their phone and/or computer. Usually uses up all data uploading pictures of these speedtests. Pulling a Nevin is an attempt to change data speeds.
Hey guys. I just got Sprint LTE. I'm gonna pull a Nevin
by Str4yNigga October 12, 2012
Too lazy to close cross fire in a game to view a picture, tweet, website. Literally looks at the bright side of everything. To pull an Alex is like opening a whole new world of explorations.
I'm bored
-Me too
Let's watch some football?
-Nah... Lets pull an Alex
K, lemme go get my cape
by Str4ynigga October 15, 2012
Just being a boss in every way possible. No one can get in your way. To pull a Moe is like being king of the world.
Hey breh, I'm gonna pull a Moe tonight
-Me too!
by Str4ynigga October 15, 2012
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