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Another person you are forced to be around 40+ hours a week in order to earn a paycheck. Outside of work, you would NEVER want to associate with this person except to point to them and tell the police, "Yeah, there's the idiot that stole your squadcar right there Officer".
DoubleTurds: Sitting in adjacent office cubicle Dude, what if you like ate your own Poop...and then crapped THAT out, would the result be like..DOUBLE TURDS?! LOL DANG I AM FUnnY!

WorkerBee: Hmmm. Are there comparable light and oxygen levels on the Idiot planet?

DoubleTurds: What? I remember this one time, there was this dude in High School, and man he was cool, I wanted to be THAT dude...

WorkerBee: Looks around at other office workersIs it Friday yet? Can we just SAY it is Friday,
and everyone agree to it, and just LEAVE..

DoubleTurds: I am so glad you are my co-worker,
and that we are BESTEST friends..
I think I will stay over night at your crib tonight if my wife lets me..hold on, Just let me call her now...

WorkerBee: Ok, I'm out! Whew, I just suddenly got very ill, something came over me...see you all on Monday!! Runs from cubicle

by Stoogin-Poogins February 17, 2006
A whitish gelatinous DNA containing substance forcefully ejected from a man's penis during climax of the sexual act.
Jankins: I sprayed nut gravy all over her face!
Poombah James: You're the Schizz-rizzle-ba-dizzles, Matey
Jankins: And then I gave her a pearl necklace!
Poombah James: You should be a like a professional cake decorator, Baller!!
by Stoogin-Poogins November 03, 2005
A Testarodeo is where two or more guys loaded with testosterone and booze square off in semi-serious hand-to-hand combat with the intent of establishing dominance in the group.
*Note: Often occurs on a mancation.
Roleplaying can be involved, thus there will be a Bull, a Bullfighter, and off to the side as a Referee, a Rodeo clown (preferably one of those midgets from Jackass.
**This behavior often results in mild to massive hotel room property damage.
el Matador Carlos: "I am to be whoop-assing this very Bull!"

el Toro: Sound - {Profuse Nasal exhalation signifying anger}

Nacho (Rodeo clown): "Let the testarodeo begin!!"
by Stoogin-Poogins September 18, 2006
The art of indoctrinating a non-geek in a highly technical computing or A/V related concept in layman's terms.
Example: Bruno has a European PAL DVD of some soccer match he wants to play on his US model Playstation 2.
It will require some Indorktrination to get him up to speed.
Cornealius: I will solder in a modchip and imbed a SCART connector in the back of your PS2.
Bruno: Whaa??
Cornealius: I'm gonna do some magic stuff to your Playstation, and then it will play any disc you insert into the thing.
Bruno: Cool.
Cornealius: We have successfully indorktrinated you into the PS2 modchip community.

Jankins: What the hell is this new internet thing all about y'all?
Jasper: It's like CB Radio, but better.
Jankins: I gotcha brother, it's the new CB radio! Whoo!
Jasper: Another trailer park denizen indorktrinated into the world of the internet.
by Stoogin-Poogins August 28, 2006
Someone who is so annoying that they must suck dick for a living. Does not imply Gayhood. Merely a modifyer for how annoying someone is.

For instance, Dirk Diggler from Boogie Nights.
He is not gay but finds himself at the business end of a cock.
His foolish drug-addled behavior gets him into the trouble that turns him into a cocksucker. Hence, he is being a Pecker Lips Bitch.
Phineas was puffing peckers with a pernicious gusto, therefore he is a Pecker lips bitch.
by Stoogin-Poogins August 10, 2006
Someone who is highly ineffectual, talks a big game, but produces no results and rides on the coat tails of others.
Our Boss Big Joe should have banged Nancy from accounting, God knows she needs a good boning, but he is either gay or has a Nerf Penis.

The harder I work, the fatter/lazier my co-worker Mark gets. He's a real Nerf Penis.
by Stoogin-Poogins August 12, 2006
A super-sweet, tart candy that comes in many colors. Shaped like miniature hockey pucks, and works like Meth-amphetamines to supercharge a small child's metabolic systems.

Sometimes there are necklaces made with the candy,
this is just a way to conceal the drug for conspicuous transport on the mean streets.

*Note* Will probably be a class 1 controlled substance (much like Extacy) in the near future.
Little Andy has been bouncing on his bed like a Jack Russell Terrier for two hours straight, the influence of Meth Tarts is most obvious at this juncture.

My five year old niece just took a bite of a dog that was trying to play nice, looks like her Daddy fed her Meth Tarts again!
by Stoogin-Poogins August 07, 2006

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