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The art of indoctrinating a non-geek in a highly technical computing or A/V related concept in layman's terms.
Example: Bruno has a European PAL DVD of some soccer match he wants to play on his US model Playstation 2.
It will require some Indorktrination to get him up to speed.
Cornealius: I will solder in a modchip and imbed a SCART connector in the back of your PS2.
Bruno: Whaa??
Cornealius: I'm gonna do some magic stuff to your Playstation, and then it will play any disc you insert into the thing.
Bruno: Cool.
Cornealius: We have successfully indorktrinated you into the PS2 modchip community.

Jankins: What the hell is this new internet thing all about y'all?
Jasper: It's like CB Radio, but better.
Jankins: I gotcha brother, it's the new CB radio! Whoo!
Jasper: Another trailer park denizen indorktrinated into the world of the internet.
by Stoogin-Poogins August 28, 2006
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