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A Testarodeo is where two or more guys loaded with testosterone and booze square off in semi-serious hand-to-hand combat with the intent of establishing dominance in the group.
*Note: Often occurs on a mancation.
Roleplaying can be involved, thus there will be a Bull, a Bullfighter, and off to the side as a Referee, a Rodeo clown (preferably one of those midgets from Jackass.
**This behavior often results in mild to massive hotel room property damage.
el Matador Carlos: "I am to be whoop-assing this very Bull!"

el Toro: Sound - {Profuse Nasal exhalation signifying anger}

Nacho (Rodeo clown): "Let the testarodeo begin!!"
by Stoogin-Poogins September 18, 2006

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