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The next logical slang progression from fo' shizzle my nizzle
<a> werd b
<b> stfu go away
<a> fo' shizza mah nizza
by Stimar March 25, 2003
The hero of the bathroom stalls. Tis not a bird, nor a plane.. it's the almighty Poo Warrior! He shall save you from the evil s-bomb (or at least clean it up for you). The Poo Warrior is a rather stingy fellow, who does not often allow one to take a wonderful west-coast-clearing dump in his urinals. He possesses the super power of being able to stop anyone from taking a dump whether you want to or not!
"Back away from that urinal, fiend! I, the almighty Poo Warrior, shall stop evildoers like you!"
by Stimar March 24, 2003
See also: assplosion
by Stimar February 26, 2003

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