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Phrase commonly used in online RPGs to signifiy gaining one level of experience.
<gain enough xp to level up>
You: ding!
p1: grats
p2: gratz
p3: wo0t!
p4: WTG!!!!11
p5: wtg
p6: woot

pronunciation: ding (as the word is)
by Stimar February 25, 2003
American Standard Code for Information Interchange. Consists of a series of 256 characters to represent each of the series of each byte (8 bits) of the actively displayed text screen mode.
Can be alternatively achieved using the key sequence of holding alt then typing the appropriate combination of numbers using the numeric keypad, then releasing alt. Normally does not match most fonts, mainly because Microsoft is a bunch of bastards who do something that is 'technically correct' ignoring the fact if it's completely useless or not.
65 "A" through 90 "Z"
97 "a" through 122 "z"
132 "ä" 133 "à" 134 "å"
by Stimar February 26, 2003
Used to express disdain or contempt.
Idiot> "Look, man, I finally got scripting to work under OS X!"
Me> "...... Buh."
by Stimar April 25, 2003
S-bomb n A very messy run to the shitter, resulting in splatter that is not necessarily contained within the toilet and/or urinal's boundries.
<A> yo g wtf took you so long
<B> sry man i wuz on the shitter. it was, like, an s-bomb n shit, i had to clean up
<A> o.O
by Stimar February 24, 2003
Synonymous with the word 'fuck.' Notably used in cases where the writer does not know (American) English well and in attempt to sound out the word while applying his known letter/pronunciation set results in a slightly mangled but understandable version of the word.
Example at engrish.com, where some silly Japanese bastard decided to spraypaint profanities on the wall yet failed in his (American) English spelling:
Fack You Man

(alternately pronounced as 'fack', similar to the word 'fact', to those who find such objects of Japanese word scrambling humorous and to explicitly specify that you are not saying the word 'fuck', but rather the word 'fack')
by Stimar May 07, 2003
~.~;; go away.......
by Stimar February 22, 2003
A phrase used when referring to something that has been done in the laziest way possible.
1. "Yo, did you get the programming assignment done?"
"Yeah, I had to ghetto it, but it's working."
2. "WTF look how people move up ladders in Counter-Strike!"
"Sad, didn't even bother to make a climbing animation.. they SO ghetto'd it."
by Stimar March 19, 2004

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