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acronym; way to go
by shibady shibady shwa January 14, 2003
stands for "Way To Go"

(It does not mean "What the gay". that makes no sense. dont listen to the guy who says that on this list.)
Halo Player: "WTG madmac. we just lost thanx to you."
MadMac0104: "Hey man, my fuckin dog knocked my cable out."
#wtf #brb #ty #yw #lol
by Joey Jordison April 03, 2007
can stand for way to go, or wow that's great.

in way to go, you mean it, but when saying wow that's great, it is sarcastic.
for way to go:
bob: I scored three goals in the game today!
fred: WTG!!!
bob: thx!!

for wow that's great:
bob: i scored three goals in the game today!
fred: wtg
bob: aren't you happy?
fred: ecstatic.

bob: ...
#good job #awesome #lame #stupid #no one cares
by pewpewpewimawesome January 31, 2011
1. An acronym meaning;
W - Working

T - The
G - Game

Referring to a bro's attempt at working the game like a champ
Bro way to WTG with Rigdon she's totally DTF
#bro #wtg #flirting #player #babes
by Himynameisnotjake May 30, 2011
Acronym for "What the Ghetto?". Used is similar context as WTF or WTH.
Kevany: Malec, I want to grind!

Malec: WTG!
#wtf #wth #ghetto #what #the
by dorfen November 30, 2011
WTG stands for What The Gine as in VAGINA. Similar to WTF. But does not mean way to go or what the God made famous by dumb mormons.
Dude1:WTG that guy just DPed my mom!

Dude2: Yeah he has got the gift of double penetration down! Plus your moms a whore.
#wtf #vagina #cunt #pussy. asshole #dick
by OracleofDelphi August 03, 2011
Acronym; stands for What The Galaxy. An alternative to 'wtf' or wth'.
Bill: "I licked my mother's foot."

Bob: "WTG?"
#hell #heck #wth #wtf #foot #scoop
by Z-sizzlez July 26, 2011
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