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16 definitions by SteveDave

A person with a badly proportioned head, as in, a Big Mouth and Small Ears. Usually embarassing to know.
Hey, you have a great head!

I don't think so - I'm a BMSE.
by Stevedave February 19, 2013
8 1
An Easy Girl. a loose Woman. A slag
"I shagged That Girl last night"
"What Yo Yo Knickers? Who hasn't?"
by SteveDave May 09, 2003
4 1
a site for people at school or at home if they have nothing better to do which would be sad . to add insults about gay people
go to urbandictionary.com and define goarlmas
by STEVEDAVE December 09, 2003
7 5
To be exteremley good at something. Skillful in a sexual act or An expert in a particular activity.
"This band are so good they be rockin yo Mama like only to Papa knows how."
by SteveDave May 09, 2003
8 6
A phrase used when one has started to swear an realised during the pronouciation of the first sylable that it is inappropriate.
Ouch! Futpucit... I hit my hand with the hammer while tring to fix your gate Grandma.
by SteveDave May 09, 2003
2 2
The correct term for the name Dan or Daniel
Dude his name isnt Dan its Dernalern
by stevedave December 08, 2003
0 1
An amazing feat or a difficult task performed just to piss a competitor or rival off. See Also Dr Dre
"You Stole his Girlfriend and Shagged her in his house?"

"Oh For Show"
by SteveDave May 09, 2003
2 4