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16 definitions by stevedave

An idiot. A mild insult often used in the work places of southern England
"Sorry I'm a couple of minutes late late Boss, I over slept"
"You Donut. Don't do it again."
by SteveDave May 09, 2003
371 123
An unreasonable emotional out burst.
Just because I forgot your birthday, theres no reason to throw a Hissy Fit
by SteveDave May 09, 2003
274 85
A someone whom is a total fucker and acts like a Bitch
Someone who comes from pennyburn and is a total bitch to his friends but not female's that already dumped him that he cant get over but keeps denying it.
Chris mcgooogan is a total bitch.

That chris mcgoogan is a mother fucker for sure.

That chris sound like a total bitch.

Bitch ass mother fucker=Chris mcgoogan
by SteveDave October 22, 2004
221 90
A put down in the vein of Fuck You and Piss Off only less offensive
"Choose a lane you lousy woman driver"
"get Bent"
by SteveDave May 09, 2003
284 220
A psycho. Someone with obsessive behavior or scary eyes
"That fucker's scaring me"
"Norman bates over there"
by SteveDave May 09, 2003
79 20
to be gay and play computer games all of your life and never once get laid
you warcraft too much
by stevedave December 08, 2003
80 55
A phrase used while intoxicated during an argument. You have taken an opposition stance to a point being made in conversation but due to being rat arse drunk you cannont convey your viewpoint coherently
"I feel Huey Lewis is a very under rated talent in contemporary music"

"Ummm Up fuck your fuck up up"
by SteveDave May 09, 2003
24 16