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9 definitions by Steve802

The armpit of the state of Vermont, Rutland is unfortunately the second largest city in the state. Dubbed "RutVegas" by many, the town is a complete shit hole, and is filled with countless sketch balls, retards, druggies and socially challenged morons. Just cruise the "RutVegas Strip" (Route 7 south) or the Diamond Run Mall and you will immediately feel uncomfortable and want to leave.
What the fuck?! Why are there so many dirtbags in Rutland?!
by Steve802 October 16, 2009
65 19
Winooski, one square mile of ghetto, drug deals, minorities who all seem to hate white people and a traffic circle planned while on an acid trip. Where else can you go to Burger King at 2 AM and get harassed by some Chinese wigger kids wearing Aeropostale clothes?
Person 1- Dude, I need some cocaine
Person 2- Let's go to Winooski. We're bound to score there.
by Steve802 May 02, 2009
33 12
Welcome to Saint Johnsbury, where the 1800s are just getting started! Saint Johnsbury is most famous for somehow destroying all businesses that are stupid enough to build there, as well as eating the dignity of all its residents. It also contains a ridiculous excuse for a high school where the retarded redneck kids do their heroin binges on their Ford tailgates to forget about the fact that they live in such an armpit. Your trip to Saint Johnsbury also includes an odd smell that people swear is "just the river". The whole city is infested with aging hippies, wiggers and senile old people that all have a heroin or crack addict or some sort. Maybe the worse thing about Saint Johnsbury is it's retarded street system that was probably planned by a seven year old. Or maybe its the fact that the people of this town do not believe in personal hygiene, or the upkeep of their homes. This town is defiantly a waste of your time, unless you want something to laugh about.
Guy thinks to himself: Haha, Driving through Saint Johnsbury really made me feel better about myself. sweet.
by Steve802 May 02, 2009
41 21
A town in Vermont where the phrase,"my mother is my sister" is actually true.
Person: dude the people in Hardwick are so messed up
by Steve802 November 19, 2008
27 16
Where your dreams come to die.
Dude there is no way I am attending Lyndon State College for another semester, I've never had to deal with such bullshit.
by Steve802 March 15, 2010
38 30
The act of exploring a location that has been forgotten or abandoned. This normally refers to abandoned buildings, tunnels or any other structure that society has generally left to decay. Urban Exploring is a friendlier term for "trespassing" because most locations are on private property and often requires breaking and entering.

There is a difference between urban explorers and vandals. Urban Explorers are there to observe and photograph their location. Vandals are there to tag or deface them.
I found a cool abandoned building outside of town. Are you up for some urban exploring?
by Steve802 March 20, 2010
8 2
Most people find out about Sutton when they get lost looking for Burke Mountain. Sutton is 11 "scenic" miles of welfare and depression. Along your drive you can see endless amounts of trees, only interrupted by the common dilapidated trailer which is accompanied by strewn car parts and random furniture items. Just hope your car never breaks down here. There is no store, fire station or anything for that matter. The town's people like to make believe they are still in the 1800s.
Dude I got lost today and wound up in Sutton, Vermont. It was really sketchy.
by Steve802 March 14, 2010
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