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9 definitions by Steve802

The armpit of the state of Vermont. The people here are not friendly and don't take kindly to your kind, all while deeply protecting their ways of incest, spitting contests and complaining about how rocky their fields are. The only thing good ever to happen to this town is the former Green Mountain Race track, now nothing more then a decaying woodpile along route 7 that gives shelter to homeless people, druggies and the occasional lunatic who believes that he is Abraham Lincoln. Pownal does have one up side, it makes people from Bennington feel better about them selves.
Person 1: wow look at all the raging suck!
Person 2: welcome to Pownal, Vermont bro!
by Steve802 November 19, 2008
A shitty excuse for a town north of Vermont's largest city. The town is infested with an unfortunate cluster of naive rednecks, trailer trash and druggies, who are narrow minded and will never go anywhere in life.

This town will never make anything of itself, because it shuns all new business potentials. Instead all the old shitty businesses that no one gives a damn about (Show me the biscuit) constantly change locations about 5 times a month.

If there is one thing Milton is known for, it is how many fucking people have auto body shops. There are at least 30 of them in town, and none of them are any good. They are all sketchy used car dealer ships where words like "quality" are preferably not used.

Want a good time in Milton? Do what all the kids do and hang outside the Mobil station after school. Here you can get cigarettes of the older kids, or a blow job from someone's sister.
"Dude want to go to Milton for some pot and a quick blow job from someone's sister, while I go get a new auto part for my car?"
by Steve802 October 16, 2009