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1) Of or having the characteristics of a grizzly bear.

2) Indestructable childrens toys from the mid-80s.

3) See Canadian
I was attacked by a manglor!
by steve-dave February 22, 2003
Alarmingly large group of degenerate bastards that THINK they are hard but in fact they are a large group of fucking retards.
one named GENTIENT or some shit like that, is a paticular fuck-head, have him killed.
Those ATL twats need to be killed.

by steve-dave September 23, 2004
n. That magical moment, when a woman is both on the rag, and has the shits. She steams one off in a cup along with the vaginal excretion and then mixes it. Both man and woman proceed to drink it.
Dude, my crazy cousin Carl, he did the Russian Mudslide. Carl was a wierd dude.
by Steve-Dave November 18, 2003
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