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A game in which two opposing sides sit on beds facing each other in a bedroom. A small ball is placed in the middle. Once the ball is grasped each team must try to get the ball to hit the wall behind the opposing team while still sitting down. If the ball is knocked back before it hits the ground on that side than no point is awarded. After a team scores, two points are awarded to that team and an extra point called Gambozzle is attempted. The first team to reach 24 wins. The game involves drop shots called Jamikas, opening serves called Splurves, and spikes called Splikers.
The boy yelled, "What happened to your wrist man" as his friend replied. "I hurt it playing Splurve Ball, game is tough"
by Steve J. Talon April 05, 2010
Biff Jansen otherwise known as Sketch of Papa J is man of great importance to those in Northern Hemisphere. He once saved an entire bus of school children by slaying a beast that had taken them captive.
"Who saved my children?" the frantic woman exclaimed. "It was I, Biff Jansen my lady"
by Steve J. Talon April 06, 2010
Pronounced (Ra-sha-shun-day) a saying which is said after a shocking or important event takes places before someone's eyes.
"Rashashandai!" Nate declared after witnessing the game winning shot.
by Steve J. Talon April 05, 2010
A word used to describe one's sheer pleasure and happiness. Often used to proclaim elation after an event of great importance.
"Congratulations, its a boy" the doctor said.
"Rondo Jonzo Doc, Rondo Jonzo"
by Steve J. Talon March 30, 2010
Brody Wagner is the name of an ancient king who rode on top of two rhinos well going into battle. He is known to be the creator of fire and coined the phrase Rashashandai and Rondo Jonzo.
"Man this camp fire is so warm" the man said. "Well you can think Brody Wagner for that" the woman replied.
by Steve J. Talon April 06, 2010
Said by Eric Cartman on the show South Park after he as successfully turned himself into a retard to win the prize money in the Special Olympics.
"Bullseye" Cartman said as he looked at himself in the mirror.
by Steve J. Talon April 06, 2010
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