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french for, literally, "i have horror of that"
There's a rat! J'ai horreur de ca!

J'ai horreur de yer maw!
by Stephanie7788 October 19, 2006
what you should say when disgusted, irritated or bored
sick in my mouth, that woman is so obese!

the train is late, sick in my mouth

her skirt makes me want to be sick in my mouth
by Stephanie7788 October 19, 2006
a boy, formerly called david, whose name changes based on the fact that he is at your beck and call
"my boyfried is a total Slavey"

"MINE TOO! he's called Slavid Cameron!"
by Stephanie7788 October 19, 2006
What you should say when you're really disgusted, bored or annoyed by something
Sick in my mouth! That woman is totally obese!

Ewww, I have to work 2 shifts this week - sick in my mouth!

SICK IN MY MOUTH, my lip balm was confiscated in airport security bcos of terrorism!
by Stephanie7788 October 19, 2006
French for "that makes me sad"
My mum didnt put enuf cheese on my sandwich - ca me fait triste : (
by Stephanie7788 October 19, 2006

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