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15 definitions by Stephan

Verb. The act of accidentally forcing a solid substance out of your nasal cavity whilst vommiting.
dude i was so drunk last night, that after all that pizza, i totally nose vommited it all over the floor of your bedroom.
by Stephan March 12, 2005
2 3
hott little boy and vun loves to run him in the ass with his pecker
vun likes the ass
by stephan August 10, 2003
4 5
The act of using a curling iron to heat up a corpses vagina before commencing the act of necrophilia
i totally Hot Pocketed that bitch last night, she was fresh from the mourge, not to cold and not freezer burned.
by Stephan February 26, 2005
35 37
a nother meaning for the word dildo
you use pickledbread dont you
by stephan August 15, 2004
2 4
A gang.. consisting of Me... and Korri... *shrugs* currently looking for new members
I totally got the shit beat out of me by the 31's last night in the alley behind the 7-11
by Stephan February 26, 2005
4 8
short form of EVIL.
Invented by the G.I.M-clan
ur so IVL, boii
by Stephan January 06, 2004
5 9
the act of using a steel, or lead pipe, to beat upon a person repeatedly.
I totally piped that kid in the face behind the 7-11 last night.
by Stephan February 26, 2005
28 45