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A cock bunny is a girl who like the cock.. i mean alot, this girl is on a cock diet.. i made it up from the word Beach bunny.see a beach bunny is a girl who hangs out on the beach alot or near it, so a cock bunny is a girl who hang out near cock all day
"man my teacher is such a cockbunny, she wont leave my father alone"
by stephan August 19, 2003
girl who hops on cocks!
"come over here bitch and be my COCK BUNNY
by maggiesiggs June 13, 2009
Someone that is a big fan of riding the cock (Bunnies like to hop and have a lot of sex)

Girls are not the only ones limited to being called Cock Bunnies, a gay nympho man could also fall into this category
See Alex Knight
by Gregga December 08, 2003
1. A girl attracted to guys that fuck anything three dimensional, but are unaware these guys fuck anything three dimensional.

2. An ignorant female.

3. An asshole/bitch.
1. Tanner gets a new cockbunny every week.

2. (See example 1)

3. Shut up, COCKBUNNY!
by The Morning Star December 16, 2005

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