18 definitions by Stella

a group of super kewl people (sort of a cult) who will kick ur ass in a second.
Can't put the names of the people because the cops might catch us.
by Stella January 28, 2005
When your woman goes on a trip with the girls and has lesbian sex.
I need a break from regular sex. Time for a girl vacation.
by Stella September 24, 2002
Big ole blob of fat...
My ex, bobof, expects me to pay for his health insurance. Go away fat man.
by Stella December 23, 2003
An alien furiously running down an abandoned street with an American flag painted on its face.
Holy cream dump! I just saw an alion last night.
by Stella January 18, 2005
British band fronted by Carl Barat and Pete Doherty. Their songs often contain traces of The Clash, The Buzzcocks, The Jam, and The Smiths. Very mythic history and an even more unstable future, it seems. Gayest "straight" band in rock, according to the NME.
The Libertines are so fucking gay - but in a good way.
by stella April 10, 2004
a real sexy piece of ass
she's a real yorkiebikerbird
by stella August 03, 2004
A female person who has recently had sex.
Looks like Marie is freshly soiled.
by Stella September 24, 2002

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